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Contact: Ray Newman



New Software for Individual and Business PC Users


Dunwoody, GA (February 1, 2010) - Swooft Software, LLC, a technology company dedicated to producing high quality affordable software, announced today the release of DiskFerret, a new software product aimed at giving PC users a highly productive utility to determine where their disk space is being used.


DiskFerret combines a comprehensive set of capabilities to analyze disk, network share, and folder space utilization, and provides charts and details that allow users to quickly determine where and how space is being utilized. The product will be of tremendous value to home and business users.


"This product is full featured, and very easy to use, and is far superior to other products in the File and Disk Utilization software category that cost $50.00 or more. At an introductory price of $9.95 we expect tremendous sales of the product."


Some benefits of DiskFerret are:

Fast visual feedback of disk usage by size, type, date, attribute, or owner.

Quickly identify where disk space is being used.

Identify file owners using the most space.

Find and remove unwanted, unused, temporary, backup, obsolete and duplicate files.

Reduce cost of data management.


Over the years disk space has become fairly inexpensive, but programs and data files are expanding just as fast as prices drop on drive space. No matter how much space is available it eventually gets used up, slows your system and network down, and you get cramped for space. And, it's expensive to maintain and manage ever increasing backups. DiskFerret reduces cost by helping users quickly find and eliminate unwanted, unused, and duplicate files.


DiskFerret is free to try. Take it for a 30 day test drive to see the benefits first hand before you purchase.


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